Friday, January 9, 2015

Death Bed

(Above:  Death Bed hanging in the atrium at Gallery 80808/Vista Studios for the annual Vista Lights art crawl, 98" x 48", crayon grave rubbing on silk with free-motion machine embroidery and dense hand stitching and vintage buttons appliqued onto a vintage single-bed lace bedspread quilted onto a layer of sheer chiffon but also with another layer of chiffon hanging freely in front of the bedspread on which the artist's full body silhouette is hand-stitched in perle cotton. Vintage lace fringe.  Antique leather soles from a pair of child's shoes were positioned on the floor.  Click on any image to enlarge.)

 (Above:  Detail of Death Bed.)

To read more about this uniquely suspended art quilt, CLICK HERE.

 (Above:  Death Bed.)

 (Above:  Death Bed, reverse.)

(Above:  Death Bed, detail.)

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