Tuesday, August 4, 2009

He Who Is

(Above: He Who Is, Grave Rubbing Quilt Series. 32 1/2" x 22". Crayon on fabric rubbing with free motion and hand embroidery. Vintage buttons.)

I made this grave rubbing in the Serbian Cemetery in Colma, California. It is the largest single rubbing I've ever attempted and it turned out fabulously. Thus, it became a whole quilt. As I've recently learned, a whole quilt is created using a single piece of fabric for the top layer. It is generally white; has no patchwork or applique; and relies on the stitching for its ornamentation. Well, the fabric isn't exactly white and the stitching is simply the kantha running stitches and there is a design.....but, by and large, this is a whole quilt! I did the hand stitching during last week's trip to England. Once home, I finished it with vintage buttons, buttonhole stitches, and a unique reverse made of old household linens.

(Above: Detail of front. Below: Reverse, vintage linens and apron.)

The title is a rough translation of the letters found in the halo. The other letters, beside the halo spell "Jesus Christ". The original, July 11, 2009 blog post with images that can be "clicked on" for enlargement, is HERE!

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  1. I just love these everyday objects stitched together. I have enough family pieces so I can do something similar, but more as a tribute to the person who used or wore them. I've been mulling over what to do with family things for some time.

    Thanks so much for the inspiration.